Join the transformation of the rental real estate

We are fixing the process of searching for countless hours a suitable apartment for moving. We are radically improving efficiency at managing rental properties.

“If we think that the transportation industry is big, just wait until we realize the size of the real estate market!”

Andreessen Horowitz


First automated matchmaking in the rental process

We are building the first smart matching algorithm for the property rental market, saving time to everyone involved and making the process easier and more efficient.

  • No inefficient searches
  • No wasting time screening hundreds of applications
  • More efficient processes for moving and renting out property
  • Better pairing quality between tenant and property

End-to-End experience for tenants and property managers

Our solution fulfils the needs of both, tenants and property managers, when moving from beginning to end.

  • Finding the perfect tenant for the perfect house
  • Fully digitalised application process and property management
  • An easy finding of substitutional tenant
  • Manage switch of services thanks to different partnerships

Enormous data potential and ecosystem opportunity

Being one step ahead analysing detailed data of every moving, apartment and tenant in combination with financial and social behaviour.

  • Knowing the most interesting locations
  • Screening all financial details about the tenants
  • Data-based moving heatmap generation
  • Prediction of most desired attributes for flats
  • Intelligent data connection for more insights
  • AI-based data storage

Safe investment. Rental market is growing

Meeting the demands of stakeholders is going to be an extraordinarily heavy lift for the real estate industry over the next decade, and effectively leveraging technology and innovation to drive solutions at scale is going to be crucial in order to meet these goals.

  • Create the future of sustainable real estate assets
  • Fully digital process offers enormous amount of touch points to the customer
  • End-to-end funnel offers many product implementations of different partners

International by design. High scalable business model

Fully and easily adaptable and scalable to all markets. Satisfying customers on both sides will stand out the platform

  • Adaptable to all real estate markets
  • One intelligent matching algorithm
  • Works between different markets
  • Easy usage and direct starting

Swiss security for all the data

Our priority is to provide the best services and security.

  • Strongest security seals for the platform
  • Most secure swiss infrastructure for all the data
  • All-time protected digital gateway

The future of rental real estate

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