Find a rental apartment without searching

Because finding a new home shouldn’t be painful and time consuming.

  • Fast & easy
  • 100% digital
  • Curated properties
  • Less stress
  • Save time
  • 100% free for tenants

No more infinite searches and applications

Four steps for an easy rental


Tell us how you want your house to be so we filter all the noise



Tell us who you are so we find suitable houses for you



Relax and enjoy life, we will find a home for you



Apply 100% digitally and save time and energy


What we do

Matching flat seekers with personalised apartments

An intelligent platform that allows both parties of the rental process to find the best match.

How we do it

Detailed filters and preferences

Our machine learning engine uses a broad list of preferences, a distance calculator and your personal profile for finding the best matching apartment. Stop scrolling through an infinite list of online listings.

Ultrapersonalised apartment offers

We send you tailored offers depending on your personal profile. Receive apartment offers you will be able to get and don't lose time viewing apartments you were discarded before applying.

Landlords assume the costs

Wetipi gets paid from the landlord in the case of a successful rental. A smart digital process benefits everyone, including saving time and effort at finding the best tenants.

Save time finding your new home

Do you want to find your dream home and move effortless?