🚪 Service is discontinued ...

Unfortunately, we need to inform you that we are shutting down our service. Despite the great progress that our team did and invested countless hours into developing the product, facilitating calls with potential customers, adopting prototypes for new requirements - the real estate market was tuff, and convincing investors about the new way of real estate rental was even harder.

As a marketplace, we didn't manage to solve the main problem - "chicken-egg".

The real estate market is very facetted, this is also true about the mindset. Some of the managers see the need to automate rental and agree with ever growth of sustainable processes. Unfortunately at this moment in time, sustainability, digitalization, and fairness are still far away from being a true pain point.

Although we have gathered multiple letters of intent from potential partners, we were not able to convince investors to join our journey and build out a successful European platform. On this note, we would like to thank for the time all of our partners, investors we were accepted to pitch to, and of course a long list of people who supported us throughout our journey with advice.

Best regards and we hope you will find your dream 🏡

Your Wetipi Team 👋